Rodent Control

Rats are destructive animals that can do significant damage to your property. Rodent teeth grow over a lifetime, therefore they must gnaw on hard objects to keep them sharp and accurate. Plastic pipes, insulation material, and electrical wiring are examples of hard substances that could be found in your constructed home. This raises the possibility of short circuits and fires.

Rats are also carriers of severe infections such as Salmonella, tuberculosis, and tapeworms. Pest control in Ranchi, The Pest Bomber offers highly targeted treatment to efficiently reduce rat infestations in order to make your home safe from rats.

Checking & Maintenance

Pest Bomber technicians are industry-trained and highly skilled. Our qualified local teams bring innovations for effective rat control solutions, assuring the best possible results for your pest issues.

  • Rodent Batting Technique: Effective solution for rat problems.
  • Scented rat glue boards attract and trap rodents.
  • Rat snap traps: Designed with sensitive triggers for quick and effective catches.