Termite Treatment

Termites are quite dangerous to your furnishings because they often ruin wooden goods such as doors, windows, beds, and so on. Termites consume cellulose-containing substances present in wood. As a result, they consume wood and cause harm to wooden objects. Detecting termites in a home is difficult, but paying attention to specific characteristics such as damaged wood in your home or hearing thudding sounds on pounding wooden goods will help you detect termites to a greater extent. If you discover termites in your property, contact The Pest Bomber

The Pest Bomber has developed a unique termite control solution that is tailored to the challenging Indian conditions through thorough research. We also have unique rights to use cutting-edge termite detection technologies.

How We Treat Termites

We dig a trench close to the building wall to expose the foundation up to 50cm deep for loose soil near building walls. If the walls have a concrete or masonry apron, drill holes about 300mm apart near to the plinth wall. b. Fill these holes with pesticide to eradicate and prevent termite infestation.

  • Drill holes around the pillarsApply insecticide to the soil 
  • On all floors, treat sensitive wood areas
  • Spot-spray infested areas in walls